Thursday, February 23, 2012

What are you giving up for Lent?

Lent starts today as a run up to Easter, when we'll celebrate God's plan to kill his son so the humans he cursed with eternal sin will be free of that sin and be able to get into heaven, but only if they believe that Jesus was God's son and that his death freed them of the sin they didn't know they had until someone told them that they were sinners and would go to hell for ever so they better repent.  Got it?

Anyway, it's traditional for Catholics to give up something they enjoy as a symbolic nod to the above sacrifice.
For the rest of us, and those Catholics that want to do more then give up coffee or McDonalds for a few weeks, how about giving up a part of yourself?  Give up something of actual value, give blood.

I propose a skeptics lent, that we should all donate blood to the Red Cross for lent as a way of showing that skeptics/atheists use actions and not faith to make a difference.  Believers are strongly encouraged to participate!

Go to the Red Cross website and sign up today!  It's quick and it's relatively painless (compared to what Jesus went thru it's a holiday in the south of France!) and it will make a difference in someones life.


  1. Unless you're a gay man, in which case they won't let you donate.

  2. I tell people I once gave up religion for Lent. Liked being without it so much that I gave it up permanently!

  3. Catholics are suppose to give up something that brings them closer to God. For example, instead of playing video games all night, pick up a Bible or a book called Jesus Outside The New Testament: An Introduction to Ancient Evidence. Or like you said, go out and donate blood in your free time.
    I don't see how giving up coffee brings one closer to God but I guess if one grabs a rosary and prays or a phone to donate money instead of coffee I guess that would be moving closer to God.

    Fun Facts about Lent:
    1. Lent starts for the person only after they have received their ashes.
    2. Sundays don't count. If you count the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday you get 46 days. Subtract Sundays and you get 40. Sunday is a day of rest, not all practice this rule and practice lent all year round or for 46 days. So since we are imperfect humans we can take a break from whatever we gave up. But again not all practice the stop at the oasis in the valley.

    3. From 12 to 3 on Passion Friday is a time recommended for meditation and prayer. No Talking. No eating for the healthy. No tv. Music. Just you and your thoughts. I'm sure we can figure out why that time frame.

  4. I just gave blood on thursday. I'm O- so I try to give whenever the red cross comes by the office.

  5. Lent for Catholics is about action as well. It is a time to focus on actions of self through prayer, fasting and almsgiving to work toward being more effective in serving others. Giving blood doesn't have to be a skeptics only focus.