Monday, May 28, 2012

Still Alive

Just a quick note to answer the couple of people wondering if this project is still alive.
Quick answer: Yes!
Longer answer: Between work, minor surgery/recovery and a few weeks of enjoying NOT reading the bible, I'll be starting the Gospel of John in the next few days.

I have to admit that my interest in reading the New Testament is waning and the next few months could be a struggle.  But, we must all soldier on and face our burdens in life, and when we finish, we'll all get cake.  It's so delicious and moist!

In the mean time, enjoy some Jonathan Coulton!

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  1. glad to have you back! lets finish this together just to prove we did it. we've gone too far to give up now.

  2. If any are interested, since we are waiting to get going on John. Feel free to comment on my blog or check it out and stir up some trouble. I love a challenge. Or post something that you would like to see covered.
    I too took some time off but am now getting ready to go full time.

    Its about the whole Made in China issue that many people have and that I have. Fair trade all the way!!!

    Sadly for me, I have had better success with non practicing religious people on commenting and having an educated discussion in person or on the blog than dedicated followers. How can any one by a slave labor rosary and pray on it!? That really bothers me. Its the top link under Bruce's link to the right.

    I only comment on this since you helped me out last year when I started and there is a gap in your posts.

    Please consider me your halftime show.

  3. Hello to all that still read,

    A couple of things to try to jump start the blog comments again.

    I have a few questions to the non-believers:

    1. Do non-believers also tell demonic followers that there is no devil and demons also do not exist? Can I find non-believers on those sites as well commenting on how their god does not exist?

    2. If you don't, why not?

    Many Christians who truly live peaceful lives (Pro-life, anti-war, support the needy to name a few examples toward peace) I find it odd that a non-believer would want to challenge the peaceful Christian rather than the demonic worshiper.

    And please remember, Christians following the NT and the laws of Jesus first so please do not quote old Jewish Law when responding.

    What sparked this question is that I work at a Christian Book Store and at least once a day, we have people coming in to try to start an argument that there is no God. Which is fine if they are open to conversation but why come in all yelling. Then on the CNN Faith Blog there are various posts that people just want to thank God for "whatever" soon after there is a post that reads "God does not exist" and what not.
    Why do non-believers focus on saying "no God" and not "no devil"?

    It also happened on this blog with the trivia question regarding demons that Bruce had up.

  4. Hi Tom, I discovered your site while Googling the version Atheists should use to study the bible and found your very informative site.

    Reading Jose Saramago's 'Cain' inspired me to want to read the bible, even thought I consider it quite boring, I would like to tell my deist, theist, and agnostic friends that I have read the have decided to read it. Thanks

    “The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.”
    Delos Banning McKown

  5. This is a fascinating study. However, the premise is off. If in fact, there is a spiritual realm that coincides with the physical, and if indeed the bible is so called "a spiritual book." Then one must be open to spirituality in order to read it and gain from it. Have you prayed and honestly have asked God to reveal himself to you as you read his words? Are you open to this? Or are you closed minded to spiritual matters? A close minded person reading or experiencing anything will often not see what is right in front of them. Are you reading the bible to be able to combat your friends who are religious? Or are you reading the bible to find God? Or are you to scared to ask God to speak to you? I dare you to do this. If you really want to find God. Find a quiet place, where there are no distractions, no cell phone, just you and your Bible. Ask God to speak to you and reveal himself to you. Let your spirit be open. And see if he shows up. If you are truly honest with yourself and you try this, being open and sincere with God, and He doesn't reveal himself, than this is proof of the non-existance of God. But if he does, then that is proof. Are you even willing to do that? Why not? Why can't you spend a day away seeking God? The answer to this would be most fascinating. I dare you to do it! Let me know how it goes! -Trev