Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book of Jeremiah 46-52

Jeremiah 46-52

I'm really busy this weekend so I'm posting the remainder of the Jeremiah readings. We'll start with Lamentations on Monday

I wish I had more time to write about the last part of Jeremiah because it's damn good reading! It took a LONG time to get here, but the war, mayhem and murder are epic.
Jeremiah/God go after everyone who pissed off any part of Israel.
The movie The Godfather once again comes to mind with the classic ending of Michael settling all scores against the family.

God I wish this were the end of the Old Testament.


  1. The war and curses cast on Babylon were great, but chapter 52 was a complete non-sequitur. Anyone care to explain how/why this is an appropriate denouement for what was a pretty exciting few chapters?

  2. @Bruce,

    At this rate we will not finish the OT in a year. :-D