Monday, November 14, 2011

Book of Lamentations

After a long break due to an insane work schedule consisting of coast to cost travel with points in between, I bring you Lamentations, a short book from Jeremiah (?) consisting of mostly whining and a real downer.  Sounds like Jeremiah to me.

Chapter 2 once more brings up the idea (or truth, since this is the inspired word of god) that prophets are phony.  What does that say about Isaiah, Jeremiah and the others?

Chapter 4 is really depressing.  Innocent dead children tend to be that way.

Chapter 5 gives us a nice recap of the last few books.

We screwed up.
God is mad at us for screwing up.
We lost everything because we screwed up.
If we stop screwing up God will be nice to us again.

Did I miss anything?

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  1. Word puzzles! Word puzzles as well! Three of the five chapters are acrostics. Um... Why not the other two? If you're going in for word play, at least do it all the way to the end, otherwise it looks either as if you couldn't be bothered, or as if some of them were too difficult. Or maybe that not all the chapters were written by the same person? Acrostics make me think of somebody too smart for the class, trying to make the coursework more interesting. Or maybe trying to make it more memorable with exam time approaching?

    Seriously, can anybody read this in Hebrew? I'd like to know, does it come over differently when you can see the acrostic, to the way it does reading it in English?

  2. Four of the five are acrostics, the fifth (chapter 5) is not an acrostic by has 22 lines like an acrostic.
    I'm guessing these were 5 poems about the fall by different authors that were lump together as a collection. I believe they were attributed to Jeremiah because they fit the subject matter and feel.

    I'm guessing it's more poetic in Hebrew than English but I'm not very interested in finding out.

  3. chapter 1 verse 12 sounded familiar to me, I looked it up and sure enough, Handel used it in Messiah. Totally out of context, as far as I can see - what does it possibly have to do with Jesus being crucified, which is how it appears to relate to the Messiah.