Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book of Ezra 1-5 for his mercy endureth for ever toward Israel

Book of Ezra 1-5

People move back to Jerusalem and try to get God to like them again.

After all the violence in the previous books, it's nice to read a few chapters where the LORD has no input.

I like the names Artaxerxes and Asnapper

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  1. So.

    Ezra/Nehemiah is actually one book. Ezra doesn't show up until Ezra 7 or something and his story is finished in Nehemiah.

    The text seems pretty disordered. Chapter 4 contains material decades out of place- involving rebuilding Jerusalem's defences in Nehemiah's time. Ezra's timeline is a bit uncertain, he could have done his stuff before or after Nehy. Or, he was made up.

    Personally, I find Nehemiah's 1st-person account a lot more convincing than Ezra's.

    The Apocryphal book 1st Esdras is an expanded/edited version of Ezra, in Greek based on a lost Hebrew/Aramaic original.

    Oh yeah, certain passages in E/N are in Aramaic. For starters, all of 4.8->6.18. Even the text between the edicts.

  2. Is Ezra 5 the first time we see the word "Jew"?

  3. @Skepticali,
    If first appears in 2 Kings 16:6 in the KJV and several other versions but not until Ezra 4:23 in The New International version for some reason.