Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book of Psalms 12-22 Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Wrath

Psalms 12-22

Psalm 13 is what I was expecting when reading this book.
Unfortunately, Psalms 14 brings us back to the negative.  Telling us that not one has done good.  Not one.

For the most part, these Psalms are positive and uplifting.  I much more pleasant read then the first 11.
Except for Psalm 18.  Long and harsh.

Psalm 22 is the money psalm.  Does it predict the crucifixion of Jesus?  Did Jesus really quote the opening line while on the cross?

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  1. 16:10 is about Jesus and the resurrection.
    22:1 is, and so is 22:16-18 that's all about Jesus Christ.

    Also "dogs" aren't the four legged beast. Sometimes it is dogs, however other times it's not. Clues on dogs started back in the first 5 books of Moses. :-D
    And the last is in Revelation.

    I am sure i missed other references. Hopefully someone else will point them out.