Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book of Psalms 1-11

Psalms 1-11

I had a totally different expectation of what the book of Psalms would be.  I imagined a more pleasant, joyous praising of God, not this vengeful, "God's gonna get you sinner" stuff.
Only four of the 11 chapters in this section are violence free and even most of those chapters ask or proclaim that God should punish the wicked.

Why do I keep thinking the Bible is going to get nicer?

Also, the LORD doesn't like leasing?  Purchase only.

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  1. @Bruce

    I had the same reaction. I was expecting more 'nice' as well.

  2. What's not nice?

    It talks about wicked people doing evil and being persecuted by his enemies and calling out on the Lord for help. And relaying what is going to happen to the wicked. What's so wrong about that?

    So am i getting this correct? Wicked people should never be punished for their wicked deeds?

    This is what i am get from your post Bruce.

    And why should someone that follows the Lord and takes Him on His word that He will protect and provide for them not call on Him in their time of need? Seeing that they are following His commandments and instruction for living and not trying to us Him as a fire escape? You know what i'm trying to say?
    Deuteronomy 7:9-26

  3. @Edward,
    I remember having Psalms read in the Catholic church as a child and remember them being more of a positive praising.
    Why does the smiting of others need to factor into the praise? It comes off (to me) as fairly childish, 'we're praising you god! I hope you make those non-believers suffer'. Hooray for us, boo for them.
    BTW, I completely understand that God would reward the faithful for their commitment to him, and I can understand that God feels the need to punish those that don't follow his rules. My issue is that if you aren't totally onboard with God plan, your wicked and therefore doomed.

  4. @Bruce,

    Why does the smiting of others need to factor into the praise?

    I personally believe it's because God is doing what He said He would do, and it's bringing relief to the current situation. I see it as the soldiers that are on the front lines calling in for reinforcements and shouting for joy when they see the tanks roll over the hill guns blazing.

    My issue is that if you aren't totally onboard with God plan, your wicked and therefore doomed.

    Can i ask who's going to save you and why? It's you that decides not to go with the God plan, so if someone does and you come up against them who do you call out to? They call unto God their protector. So i ask, should God take the sidelines because it's unfair for Him to rescue those that love and obey Him?

    Yes your doomed, by your own choice, not mine or His. Some people will quickly rush to proclaim that God's rules are to stringent, if they weren't so hard i would...

    Are you saying that man is not wicked?

    Is it wrong for the Creator to set laws for His creation? Granted it only started with one, then grew. :-D

  5. Psummer of psalms!

    They sure are a mixed bag. There's a few I enjoyed, but all the laments pretty much run together. Only a handful were really interesting.

    Of the five books, the 2nd and 3rd are mostly Elohist, the rest are Yahwehist. (Not related to the J and E sources, but similarly they use different names for God.)