Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book of Proverbs 29-31 The ants are a people not strong

Proverbs 29-31

Another book that kinda falls flat at the end.

The only notable things that I found were that the last two proverbs are by named authors and number 31 is from a mother giving advice to her son on what to look for in a virtuous woman.

Ecclesiastes is next.  Who's excited?

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  1. @Bruce,

    I'm excited. I enjoy Ecclesiastes. The preacher has a great message in it.

  2. Note the excellent wife is a businesswoman. She buys and maintains a vineyard, she makes linen clothing to sell, she sees her trading is profitable. Her husband sits at the city gates presumably helping rule the city while she maintains him.

  3. I'm a little late ... but this makes it all worthwhile:

    23:3 Be not desirous of his dainties: for they [are] deceitful meat.