Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Off Topic: Read The Tag Blog

Friend and King-and-I commenter Tom and his wife Suzanne have started a new blog that focuses on the issue of buying products from countries with questionable labor laws and practices.


From the site:

This blog is meant to shed light on the consequences of buying products from various countries where Human Trafficking and Child Labor remains.
I will also showcase companies that do not sell products made in these countries.
I also encourage anyone to post their struggles and success stories on this topic as well.

While it has nothing to do with the reading of the Bible, I thought it was a subject that many readers would find important.  I'll link to it on the right for future reference.


  1. Thanks for the free blurb...One clothing company that I contacted claims they are MADE IN USA, In reality their clothes are about two-thirds made in the USA. At least they were honest in the e-mail back to me.

    I will be back and ready to go with this awesome blog...I have a bunch of Christians warming up in the bullpen ready for Matthew Chapter 1.

  2. @Tom,
    Why are they waiting for the New Testament? Kinda like cutting open a Tot tsie Pop and only eating the chewy center.