Saturday, September 10, 2011

Book of Isaiah 17-20 as a drunken man staggereth in his vomit

Isaiah 17-20

Isaiah continues his rants against other nations.  I imagine him as a Ted Kaczynski type loner living in a cave, making empty threats against all those he thinks have wronged him/Israel in the past.  Damascus and Egypt are the focus for this reading.
Women are insulted when they are portrayed as weak creatures;
19:16 In that day shall Egypt be like unto women: and it shall be afraid and fear because of the shaking of the hand of the LORD of hosts, which he shaketh over it.

He seems to think that Egypt will become friendly with Israel and Assyria or possibly become a jewish (or christian?) nation.  Better hurry up the end of times is coming fast!  oh, and Assyria no longer exists according to Wikipedia.

That's the problem with prophesies. Those of us living here in the future have actual history to judge them against.  The key is to make a prophesy of a past event in private without dating it, wait several decades for it to be released, and then let the world think you're a freaking great prophet.

Here are some examples from my personal, handwritten journal that will be released on my 100th birthday in the year 2061;

1. In the autumn, those who follow the prophet Mohamed will cause the towers of the great city to erupt in flame.  America, the Great Satan will run in fear and confusion.  But, their wrath shall be swift and bring death and destruction to the innocent in the land of Allah.

2. The dictator of Babylon shall thump his chest and  proclaim to be invincible, but the great army of the west shall drive him into a hole.  He shall find final justice at the wrong end of an asp. (see what I did there?  I used a metaphor!)

3.  God shall exact revenge on the great island nation for the false worship of Hello Kitty.  The earth shall open up under their feet, the sea shall wash away the sinful and God's wrath shall glow and spew from their places of great power.  Microchip production maybe affected and God will cause longer then usual shipping times for the iPad.

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  1. Any proof that's how it happened, Bruce?

    For what it's worth, tradition says Isaiah was a royal official from an aristocratic family in the courts of several of Judah's kings. So, sort of the opposite of a Unibomber.

  2. There is also the question of how many people contributed to the book of Isaiah. Note that the commission does not come until chapter 6.

  3. @Bruce,

    I found this Assyrian site to be interesting. Also one as well. Now this is interesting, i also found a few that said the Assyrian nation was gone. I don't think these people got the memo. :-) There was a time when Israel was not a nation... looks like some want to make that happen again. This will be enjoyable to see how it all comes about.

    @Erp, Ya the mystery writers. Those are always handy to have around. ;-) Questioning Gods word is the oldest snare in the world. (Genesis 3:1b)

  4. I like the Damascus prophecy in Chapter 17. From what I've gathered Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. So that prophecy didn't work out so well. I did a little web surfing to see what the apologist answer to this discrepancy was and apparently Damascus could fall into "a heap of ruins" any minute now. Just hasn't happened yet.

    Any minute now.

  5. @Christian,
    "Any proof that's how it happened, Bruce?" What is this in reference to?
    I siad he reminded me of the uni-bomber. I was just visualizing him for humorous purposes.

    Thanks for the links. But, a group identifying as Assyrian is not a nation.
    And all writers of the OT are a mystery. There is no way to prove true authorship. And if god made us curious animals, wouldn't it be wrong NOT to ask questions? ;-)

  6. Oops! Sorry for the ambiguous reference, Bruce.

    What I meant was this: your understanding of prophecy makes complete sense - as long as we know that the prophecy was made after the events happened. If Isaiah (or, as more critical folks would say, whoever it was that put everything in the Book of Isaiah together) did "predict" things that had already happened, then there's no real reason to put much stock in what he says.

    However, not everyone agrees that it went down like that, and the date and authorship of Isaiah are hotly contested for just that reason.

  7. @Bruce,

    No, your little god did not make you.:-P However God has made us and curious we are. However you infer that And all writers of the OT are a mystery When many of the books themselves tell you who wrote them. However i do see what your saying, well someone could have said so-and-so wrote that, how can we believe what is written? I just want to ask are you consistent in this? How much of history can you believe? It's interesting the Book that says Thou shalt no bear false witness (Exodus 20:16; Exodus 23:1; Matthew 19:18; Romans 13:9) and from your view, it's own authorship is a false witness.

    But, a group identifying as Assyrian is not a nation.
    True, however doing some more looking some people say that Assyrian is modern day Iraq. Also i have found several more sites about Assyria and Iraq and the number of Assyrians that live there and around the world. They may rise again. :-)

    What constitutes a nation?