Friday, September 30, 2011

Same Old story, Same New song and dance

I had a mini-epiphany while surfing the internet this morning.
My friend Hemant, the Friendly Atheist,  had a little piece about why young christians are leaving the church.  While I thought it was mildly interesting it made me think about the similarities between then and now.

It occurred to me that since the beginning of this book, God's human confederates have had to deal with the constant battle of people not wanting to follow the rules and not buying into the dogma of an organized religion.  And that like today it was probably the youngsters that turned against them.
It's not a long shot to assume they have the same basic reasons for turning against the status quo.  Rebelling against authority and looking for their own identity seem to be timeless traits in humans.

I know this is nothing new in the way of insight but it gave me a little appreciation for what Moses and the rest of the guys had to deal with.  My nieces, nephews (and I) would have been stoned and burned at the stake if we lived back then.

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