Saturday, February 26, 2011

Authors Wanted

After much thought, I've decided to ask for contributions to this blog from my frequent commenters.
If interested, please contact me at bcritelli at gmail dot com.

The rules:
1. I will set up Author accounts for my most frequent commenters.  You'll probably have to have an account with Google's Blogspot.
2. I will ask for contributions from said authors.
3. I will review and approve submissions before they are published
4. You are free to submit unsolicited posts but I will be very frugal on what gets to the blog.
5. You will be VERY respectful of others.  We have been amazingly civil here, teetering on the brink only a few times and I want to keep it that way.

Remember.  I am the dictator here!  ;-)  What I say, goes.

I also encourage you to start your own blog.  It's a great way to get your thoughts organized.
Abbie has a great one at betterthanesdras.  It's way over my head but still interesting.
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  1. "I am the dictator here"

    Don't you mean God? Please don't smite us!

  2. As long as you don't start making us call you "Rider On The Clouds" or some such thing! ;)

  3. It's a great way to get your thoughts organized.

    That was pretty much the reason I started mine. I was reading the Bible and had way too much to talk about and nobody cared. (Never thought I'd find this place!)

    It's way over my head but still interesting.

    Uh oh. I go for a super-informal style, but source criticism is pretty esoteric. As I said, I started it to keep my thoughts straight, but I would eventually like it to be useful to others.

  4. Question for Bruce - do you think you've been VERY respectful thus far? It is your blog and you can do what you like, but just in the last week your posts have called God "homicidally insecure" and homicidally jealous, and then likened God to an abusive husband and labeled His care of the Israelites "sick stuff." That isn't what I would call respectful and tolerant but I want your take.

  5. @Abbie,
    When I said it was over my head I meant that I don't have the background to understand everything. You obviously have a scholarship level of knowledge about all things biblical!
    My deep interests are in film history and science. I find the Bible fascinating but I don't think I would delve as deep as you have.

  6. @Brian, you seem to be conflating "being respectful of others" (Bruce's stated goal) with "not expressing any opinion about the text that someone else may find offensive". Bruce didn't say, "and anyone who doesn't find this stuff sick is either an idiot or a sociopath" (*that* would have been disrespectful). He just reported his own reaction without sugarcoating it.

  7. @ Brian,
    What e. said.
    I would hope that we are respectful of each other.
    I'm reading the Bible as an historical book and I'm commenting on the actions of the characters. The main character, God, has been committing mass murder and telling his followers to do the same in order to lay claim to land that is a home to other nations.
    I stand by the comments I've made. I've admitted to some statements I've made that were factually erroneous.
    Believers may dismiss, condone or try to justify these actions but I think you'd have to admit that the first five book of the bible are filled with violence and misogyny.

  8. I understand better now. Thanks.

  9. @Bruce,

    I think from the fall of Adam to present day is "filled with violence and misogyny.". And this is from history recorded outside of Scripture. Can you agree on that?

  10. You obviously have a scholarship level of knowledge about all things biblical!

    Oh god, do you really think that? I really am nothing but a layperson with a strange hobby who read a few books and has too much free time. I haven't even read the Bible past 2nd Samuel.

    And I don't actually know Hebrew, I just familiarized myself with the "alphabet". (I do have a penchant for languages, and after mastering Thai's orthography, Hebrew was too simple to pass up.)

    I really don't want anyone to get the impression I know what I'm talking about. My formal religious education consists entirely of a community college World Religions class which I didn't finish.

  11. You're right, Edward, it totally is. But that doesn't change the point that the first five books of the Bible are full of those things as well. Although I do understand you don't have the same interpretation of things that I find misogynistic. But you have to agree that it's pretty violent and bloody, whether you find the violence justified or not.

  12. @Edward,
    I totally agree. The books of Moses are a reflection of that time in history.
    I believe it probably gives us a snapshot in to the development of the city states created by nomadic tribes.

  13. @Edward
    Shoot me an email when you get time.

  14. @Helene,

    "But you have to agree that it's pretty violent and bloody, whether you find the violence justified or not."
    Yes it is violent, however reading and learning about The Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I & II, Korean, Vietnam, and our recent engagements in the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq i guess i have become numb to the effects of war. This is only in reading them. I have not served in any US war or in the US military. I do hold high respect for the men and women that do wear the uniform and go into harms way, even if people don't agree they should be there.

    I think the books of Moses, Joshua, Judges etc. reflect how God and man has to deal with man. If it was recorded that the Israelites came to the Promised Land and told the people that our God has issued an eviction notice and we are here to serve it. And all the inhabitants of that land got themselves up and left. We would all say horse hockey. We know how man is, they don't give up what they believe is rightfully theirs. They would fight for it, which is what is recorded. Although some know they will lose and trick their way into survival. We will get to that.

    Yes i agree with you it's bloody and violent, however it is what i would expect to find. Wait till Revelation talk about bloody. :-D