Friday, February 25, 2011

Random stuff about the site (because you didn't ask)

I was looking at this sites stats today.  I'm a data junkie and like digging into the minutia.
And since I can, I going to force them on you.

The site has an average of around 440 visitors a day from over a dozen countries.
There are 86 people following this blog.
The U.S. accounts for the most visitors.
Saudi Arabia is the most surprising location.
Firefox, Safari and Chrome are the top browsers.
Windows, OS X and iOS are the top three operating systems.

The site as made over $14 dollars from google ads.  I don't think you get a payout until you hit $100 so I don't expect to ever see a check.

The website did a story on this site back in January and that's resulted in the most traffic to this site.  I never heard of until they did the story.  It was done in an interview style with out interviewing me.  I find it surreal when I read about myself.

The Friendly Atheist and google search are responsible for most of the other traffic.


  1. You might have more "followers" of the blog than 86 - that's just how many people are following you with Google Friend Connect. I don't follow you that way, but I'm subscribed to an RSS feed of your posts via Google Reader.

    Just a random thought (because you didn't ask). :) Love this project, btw, thanks for doing it.

  2. "Saudi Arabia is the most surprising location"
    is not factual data. :P

  3. Well hello from Canada! Nice to know there are more readers than posters. I was wondering if it was just us few commenting in the wilderness.

  4. @mom,
    Canada is my second largest source of readers! Averaging 70+ a day!
    Just out of curiosity, how many times a day do you visit this site?
    I hope not 70+!

  5. I wonder, did we have significant attrition through Lev., Num., Deut.? Things kind of pick up in Joshua, I hope people stuck around. Maybe a roll call when we finish Deut.? :)

  6. @bhitt,

    That's me in a nut shell. The readings, my thoughts and even the comments (no fault of the wonderful commenters here) had started to take on a repetitive pattern. Then my work schedule started to pile up.

    I'm hoping to re-engage now that the workload is peaked. I miss you guys.

  7. The inherent problem with a chronological group project like this is it's easy to fall behind.

    Perhaps after Deuteronomy, allowing some way for lapsed followers to "catch up". Maybe we could all post "Previously, on the Bible!" summaries.

    The Deuteronomical Histories are so fascinating it would be a real pity if people dropped out because Leviticus bored them to death.

  8. @All,
    I agree with all of your comments.
    I plan on "re-advertising" this blog after we finish the book of Deuteronomy.
    I have friends at, and JREF and plan to contact them and others for a little promo. If you know anyone at christian websites, please let them know about this project and ask for a plug or send me their info.

  9. Twitter works, too - or am I imagining it? I'd tweeted a couple of times using #religion hashtag, advertising for believers. Don't know if it worked, but it can't hurt.

  10. I ususally check am and pm. I am never here more than 50 times a day teehee.