Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Week(ish) In- A Big Thank You to All!

We're a little more then a week into reading the Bible and all I can say is THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to the comments.  I've learned more in this week then I expected to learn in the entire year.

The commenters have taken over my blog and I couldn't happier!

Let's keep it going.


  1. What a brilliant idea this was/is! I'm just hear for the ride!

  2. Thanks Bruce
    I am learning a lot too. I have never read the bible at all. As a member of the United Church of Canada growing up I had a pretty liberal view of most things; bible stories were told to us but we were never actively encouraged to do much more than memorize the names of the books of the bible in order.
    See you tomorrow!

  3. I have to say, though, that having been made to memorize the names of the books in order has certainly come in handy!

    Thank you Bruce! My understanding has been hugely enriched in just this first week. So glad I decided to join in. :)

  4. Thank you Bruce!

    I'm surprised to say that the blog and the community here are making this far, far more enjoyable than I could have imagined! I'm actually reading ahead to see what happens, re-reading areas being discussed here, etc. I was expecting this to be a chore, but it's actually not at all and takes only a few minutes each day to keep up.

    Looking forward to the day when asked. "Have you READ the bible?". I can answer "Cover to cover, baby, cover to cover". :)

    Thanks again for getting this going!

    Dave S.

  5. Cool project Bruce, I am glad to be along for the ride! Hopefully we can keep it civil and educational!

  6. Thank you for coming up with this project Bruce and taking the time to get it started and keep it going. Like the other readers, I am finding myself paying much more attention to what I read and looking forward to the comments. I have already learned so much and greatly enjoy the keen insight provided by others. Thank you!

  7. I'm enjoying the heck out of this blog and the comments. (In fact, I'm reading it RIGHT NOW when I'm supposed to be knocking out a project for a client who wants it First!Thing!Monday!) Thank you for setting this up.

  8. Yes Bruce this is great, i am happy to be a part of it. I know we have some dry spots ahead of to read, so i hope i can provide some commentary to keep it interesting.

    @David Not only have your read it "Cover to cover" but also read about the challenges to it, in an open forum.

    The people in this project have had more scripture in one week than many "Christians" that go to church every Sunday will have in the year. And there were some days where if you were to read the comments and scriptures in it you would have those people beat.

    I look forward to this year of reading with you guys.

    And thanks again Bruce.

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  10. I just learned about this translation of the bible:
    I could not believe this was a real translation! It's crazy hard to read for anyone who cares about grammar, but it's much better than the KJV. I might try to follow along with this version since the KJV makes me sad and confused.
    This is a good project. -Jeri

  11. @Jeri: Wow! Somebody really took the time to do this. It really enhances my understanding of our current reading in Gen. 29:

    18 Jacob sez "I wurk 7 yearz then I CAN HAS Rachel?, cause I got teh loves 4 her"

    19 Laban sez "K, hang out here srsly".20 So Jacob hung out 7 yearz 4 Rachel.

    21 Jacob sez "K, GIMMEH Rachel I wanna do PENIS GOES WHERE on hers"

    I remember years ago some kids at the church I went to had a New Testament translation for young people that was written in surfer/skater slang. I'm not making this up and this was not at all satirical, this was created for earnest ministerial purposes. They sold them at Christian bookstores.