Friday, July 29, 2011

Book of Proverbs 1-4 I will laugh at your calamity

Proverbs 1-4

I'm not sure who's supposed to be the voice in the first proverb.  Is God or Solomon or ?
Who ever it is, they're not very compassionate in the last half are they?

Proverb 2 has some really great writing and some interesting imagery using woman to represent [evil, corruption form good, ?].

Proverb 3 switches it up and 'she' becomes wisdom.

4:14-15 has some words of wisdom we can all follow!

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  1. Perhaps because Chokhmah or wisdom is a feminine noun in Hebrew (Sophia is the Greek equivalent).

  2. Bruce said...
    Thanks for the info Erp. But, I still find it interesting that the proverbs were given a gender identity, aside from the gender of the noun. Perhaps it's simply all in the translation.