Monday, July 11, 2011

Psalms 54-63 Yes, Those are Crickets You're Hearing

Psalms 54-63

I'm traveling this week for work and won't have much free time for fun stuff like reading prayers and praises from an ancient people.  Post will be infrequent.

As far as the Book of Psalms goes, most of this is pretty boring to an Atheist.  I hope the believers are enjoying them.

Do any stand out?  What ones do you connect with?


  1. Yeah, 90% of the psalms are dull, repetitive laments.

    My favorites are 29, which describes Yahweh through old Canaanite "divine council" imagery, and 48, which compares Yahweh's dominion to Baal's mt. Saphan (an allusion missing in KJV, which translates Saphan as "north".)

    Several psalms mention the canaanite mythological beasts Leviathan and Tannin (the later obscured in KJV and many translations) which apparently came to signify Yahweh's mastering of chaos. Or something.

    Oh and some form alphabetic acrostics in Hebrew!

    But most are boring and dumb.

  2. I concur. Slogging through psalms is like reading through a hymnal - minus the poetry, meter, rhyme, and music. Ungh.

  3. Yeah - I miss the music.

    Upon this re-reading, Psalms seems bizarre after all these years ... singing praises to something unseen that, by all accounts, is responsible for all sorts of horrors done to your people.