Saturday, July 16, 2011

Book of Psalms 76-84 Hath God forgotten to be gracious? No.

Psalms 76-84

I was looking at the wikipedia article on the Book of Psalms yesterday, just trying to get a little more interested in these short pieces.  The one thing I found interesting was the attempt to date the individual psalms by the references within them.  the inclusion of kings, prophets and leaders adds a little context for me.
How about you?  Does a reference to David or Moses help put things in a better perspective?

Psalm 78 is my favorite in this block.  A nice recap of the Exodus saga.  Although I also like psalm 79 when the author asks God to torture others for a change and to not judge them for the sins of their fathers (although God has repeatedly stated that's how he prefers to do business).

As a side note, I'm pleasantly surprised that Zemanta/Blogger are recommending my blog for further reading on the subject of the Book of Psalms.  Just shows that they know quality!

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  1. @Bruce,

    Good to see your return. I enjoy reading your view on scripture. Very interesting. :-)

  2. Random thoughts:
    Ch 81 refers to haters of the lord ... And here I thought "haters gotta hate" was just a recent affectation.

    Ch 82 - the psalmist is still concerned with god's position among the other gods. I thought we'd be truly monotheistic by now.

    General: there's still a generous sprinkling of revenge fantasy in here.

    I know I'm late mentioning it, but my personal favorite psalm is now 53 - nothing like some preemptive condescension to keep the faithful in line!

  3. @Bruce,

    Can you point out the "torture" verse(s) that you're referring to? Maybe my definition of torture is different than yours. I feel your throwing a little drama in here or, as i read it, falsely representing the chapter. 79 starts off about how they are being killed, so much so that their is none to bury the dead (79:3). It sounds to me like more of a plea for help. (79:9) Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name.
    and to not judge them for the sins of their fathers
    I missed this in chapter 79, can you point out the verse?
    although God has repeatedly stated that's how he prefers to do business
    I also would like to know your references for this statement? I am getting the feeling that your constructing things to fit your own personal view, which isn't based in reality and what we are or have been reading.

  4. I'll admit a sneaky fondness for that line in Ps.68 about the hairy scalp of such an one as goeth on still in his trespasses. No idea why, it just appeals to me.

    Otherwise, the psalms in general feel like several hours of my life that I won't get back again... Maybe it's just because I've been busy and I know I'm falling behind, but reading these is a real chore and if I weren't hanging with you guys I'd have quit by now. Only *whimper* when do we get back to the plot?

  5. I confess to not being as good about reading. Perhaps try guessing which ones were written under the monarchy, which during the exile and which post-exile.

    However, Song of Songs is coming up and Ecclesiastes.