Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book of Psalms 136-143 For his mercy endureth for ever

Psalms 136-143

Psalm 136 may be the first ever call and response song!
Ain't no people like the chosen people!  Say yeah! (yeah!)

We get another group of psalms praising God's great doings from the past.

137:9 sounds creepy.  Another reference to killing children?

138:7-8 has a psalm 23 feel to it, doesn't it?

139:22 I hate them with perfect hatred*

*You can find anything on the internet!  Everything is connected to everything else.  I was sure that some death metal band would have picked up on this line and was looking for a link when I found this!  You don't have to watch all of it (or any of it).

Evidently, several levels of the game Doom are taken from the Book of Psalms.  Try using that factoid in your next conversation!


  1. Part of 137 is used in Godspell as "On the Willows"'s much nicer set to music. (And "Oh Bless the Lord My Soul" is loosely adapted from 103)

  2. @Bruce,

    From my reading (MHC) it sounds like 137:9 is about a battle to happen in the future. Revelation 8:6.