Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Joshua 17-20 Where For Art Thou LORD?

Joshua 17-20

I just noticed that the LORD has no input from chapters 12-19.  He is mentioned many times but he is not directly heard from for over eight chapters.
There's nothing to read into this, only an observation.

The remaining tribes seem to resurvey the promised land and redraw the maps.   Am I right about this?

These chapters are pretty boring.  Nothing new is gleaned but I may have glossed over something in my boredom.

We end with restating of the cities of refuge.

One more day of Joshua and then on to Judges, which we'll finish in one week.
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  1. These chapters contain some references to the Tent of the Presence, @ 18:1 and 19:51

    This is very common phrase/concept in P and also used by E. However, in P, it's synonymous with the Tabernacle.

    Both references also mention Shiloh, where there is a temple which plays a role in 1st Samuel. At 1st Samuel 2:22, there is a reference to the Tent of the Presence.

    The ch. 19 reference also mentions Eleazar, which screams P.

    Man these chapters are boring.

  2. Oh, also, 19:51 contains a phrase ("before the LORD, at the door...") used in relation to the Tent of the Presence, frequently in P texts and ONLY in P texts.

    So, more P in Joshua, and in contexts that reference 1st Samuel. Something hinky going on.

  3. @Abbie

    Boring is right. I'm thinking back longingly on Josh's murderous rampage through the promised land.

  4. Yeah, what David said. Bring back the murdering and pillaging!