Saturday, May 21, 2011

Book of Camping 1-5

Title inspired by Tom.

Here is a fun site (for non-believers anyway) called Prophecy Proof.
I like this part "Prophecy Proof Insights is devoted to providing readers with quality research and insights into current events and the ongoing spiritual warfare."

I know the end of the world is important to believers, but I think the Bible lays out the events for the end times with a fair amount of detail.
And it also says that no one will know when it will start so why waste your energy?

Here's a counterpoint that says the "End Times" should have already happened.  The wonderfully titled site, Evil Bible.


  1. That's some fun stuff @Bruce - thanks.

    Clearly, any claim of prophecy or the supernatural can be rejected when no proof is ever offered. Camping is a classic example - "I was wrong about 1994 - it was a Jubilee Year - May 21 2011 is the real date - oh, wait [insert new excuse here]". This is not the kind of impact you want to make on the world, is it?

  2. @Bruce,

    I came across the evil bible before. It's funny. Reading that is like asking a blind, deaf, and dumb man to lead you out of a burning building which he has never be in before. It's a total joke. I think it was done for comical purposes only. :-D So much of it is taken out of context. However i don't expect the creator of that site to know anything about context. :-)