Thursday, May 5, 2011

1 Kings 11-14 Wash, Rinse Repeat

1 Kings 11-14
Turns out Solomon is a slut.
All his whoring turns him away from The LORD, which makes The LORD mad (talk about a steep learning curve).  Solomon dies.  God abandons Israel and bad things happen.

Good God!  Again?!?!  Does every story in the OT end with the leader or the people turning against God?
Is this storyline going to run through the rest of the books?
When will these dense Israelites get it?

Then we get the idiot plot of Jeroboam.
How many bad choices can one man make?
This guy reminds me of Todd Stroger, former president of Cook County, Illinois.
His father,  John Stroger was the president  for many years and well liked until he passed away from a stroke.  The younger Stroger was elected to replace him  and seemingly did everything he could to screw up what his father had accomplished.

But I digress.

Jeroboam and his brother rule their respective parts and then die.
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  1. @Bruce,

    As you read these books you may start to realize that history does repeat itself, and that there is no new thing under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

  2. I'm in a juvenile mood, so ...

    12:10 (KJV) "My little [finger] shall be thicker than my father's loins."

    Is this an instance of sonny ridiculing his dad's private parts?

  3. @Skepticali

    The loins are the space on each side of the vertebrae, between the lowest of the false ribs and the upper portion of the os ilium or haunch bone, or the lateral portions of the lumbar region; called also the reins.

    No private parts intended here.

  4. @ Skepticali

    I had the same thought. Loins CAN mean the pubic area / reproductive organs according to a quick google search - as in the 'fruit of my loins' (Acts 2:30!).

  5. @Skepticali,

    The Hebrew word translated "loins" (motenaim) is a term that describes the general area between the lower back and the thighs. More modern translations use the word "thigh," "back," or "waist."

  6. @Skepticali,
    I'm just as juvenile! That's the first thing to pop into my head. I may have made a Beavis and Butthead style giggle when I read it.

  7. All - thanks for the replies. I gotta admit, my immediate mental picture after reading 12:10 was of a big giant fat pinkie (good for a laugh in it's own way) - probably because I'm pre-conditioned with the "girding thy loins" thing that we encounter occasionally. The subsequent passages didn't seem to lend insight on why that figure of speech was used. After a second reading, I can imagine that it was a way to indicate to the listener that "my pinkie can bear a load greater than dad's whole body" ... at least that's how it makes sense in light of your replies.