Friday, May 20, 2011

May 21, 2011 Rapture

Just wanted to let people know that this site will most likely continue after Saturday's rapture.  
I'm not expecting to be taken.
For those VERY few commenters that will be raptured, thank you for participating and have fun in your new digs! 

If those of you who are expecting to be called up would like me to have your stuff, please email your address to me and tell me where you'll be hiding the valuable stuff.

The rest of you can come to a post rapture party on Saturday night (8-11) at:
960 W. 18th Street
Chicago, Illinois

Also,  check out the post-rapture excuse card!


  1. 18th street??? Sounds like a fun rapture party.

    For the record...not too many Christians believe in this May 21st rapture...The Christians who do believe in 5/21 have many errors in their timeline...After researching many sites and many hours on Harold Camping and his end of the world prediction, I find this site the best:

    Just because Camping is wrong about 5/21, however, does not mean God did not speak to him. In my opinion, Camping let his Pride get in the way and slightly mis-interpreted what God said to him. Or, to think a little more deeper into Revelation, Camping could be a false prophet that will only confuse non-believers, skeptics, and undecided into turning away from God.

    Im just going off of what God tells us in the Gospels.

    I guess if there is a rapture tomorrow...this blog will switch to reading the Book of Camping Chapter 1.

  2. Thanks for the link and the idea Tom! Check out my new post!

    I'm curious though. Why does God only speak to the oddballs? Why doesn't he speak to Father Pfleger or Cardinal George? Does talking to God make you go nuts?
    i.e. Oral Roberts and the 900 foot Jesus that was out to kill him.

  3. God speaks to all of us...always.

    Talking to God does not make you go nuts. One may not want to do what God wants them to do so they think for years to the point of losing themselves and falling.
    Martin Luther was like that. People thought he was nuts on how he went against the church claiming God told him to leave the church.