Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poll Results - Is It OK to be Takei?

35 people said YES, it's OK to be Takei (%94)
1 person said it was not OK to be Takei (%2)
1 person didn't know who George Takei is (%2)

Why doesn't that add up to %100?  ;-)

Pretty much what I expected but I was a little surprised that only one didn't know about George. I expected at least a half dozen more votes.

The new poll asks how you view the Bible.
Do you believe it's the true, inspired word of God?  A religious document used to show God's greatness but not necessarily all true stories?   An historical document of the Jewish people and proto-christians?  Or, just a collection of stories used to promote an agenda?


  1. 35/37 = 94.6%
    1/37 = 2.7%

    Looks like the poll truncates the percentages. Though, rounding wouldn't add up to 100% either.

  2. I can't vote because none of the options really match my opinion.

    I think it's a collection of assorted documents, some partially historical, some entirely mythical/fictional, all written for different purposes in different places at different times by and for different people.

  3. You forgot that there was one more 2.7% for the other 1/37 so it would add up to 100%.

  4. OK, I've reset the poll and modified the answers.

  5. If you round to the tenth of a percent it adds up. But if you round to 95%, 3%, and 3% you get 101%.

    In the new poll I voted for the last option, it's definitely a complicated question. I think everyone will have their own balance of several different factors. Personally it feels a lot like fanfic to me. A group of people who are fervent followers of a set of stories, rewrite and expand on them with their own biases creeping in. Most new story versions get lost, but the most popular get added to the core set.

    Since I've unlurked, I guess I'll introduce myself. I've been an atheist all my life. As a kid bible stories kinda fell into the same category as greek myth. In college I took a lot of philosophy courses, and since then religion / atheism has been a more active intrest.

    I've been following pretty much since the beginning. I haven't been keeping up with most of the reading, but I've been learning a lot just from following the comments here.