Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 Kings 11-15 Elisha, We Hardly Knew Ye

2 Kings 11-15

These chapters are mostly a chronology of political upheaval and infighting amongst families.
To bad we don't have the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel for the details.

Elisha and Hazael go to "sleep with their fathers".  Once again I find it odd that major characters are so quickly written out of the story.

A dead body falls on the bones of Elisha and comes back to life in the sepulchre.  One last similarity to our man Jesus.
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  1. @Bruce,

    One last similarity to our man Jesus.

    How is this a similarity?

  2. That coming back from the dead in a sepulchre. I realize it's a stranger and not Elisha but the concept holds true.

  3. joash and jehoash and jehoahaz - oh my! If these chapters had some significance other than enumerating royal lineages, it mighta been worth making a flow chart!