Friday, May 27, 2011

1 Chronicles 14-20

1 Chronicles 14-20

More great tales of David with some begats thrown in for padding.

This line gets harder and harder for me to believe the more I read;
16:34 O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial day weekend!


  1. I am an American, I do not recognize lords.

    Given what has been said about this deity so far in this book, I see no reason to thank this deity for being good as it has not exhibited those traits.

    For the same reasons I see no reason to thank this deity for any mercy lasting for any duration however short. Certainly its mercy has come to an end and as such does not last forever. It seems however it is in fact the deities vengeance that lasts forever, providing only reason to consider this deity evil.

  2. If it makes you feel better, LORD just just the KJV's strange way of translating the name Yahweh.

    LORD = YHWH = Yahweh
    God = El/Elohim

    All the same dude, except when it's not.

  3. There's a graph floating around out there in internets land that shows the relative decline of god's power ... from being able to create the universe then, to only being able to appear on toast now.

    That - or there never was such a thing!

  4. @Skepticali,
    I'm sure there is a method to God's madness (pun intended).

  5. @Abbie,

    All the same dude, except when it's not.

    How is that so? Because God goes by different names? You only go by one name don't you? I don't, people call me by several names. Ed, Eddie, Edward, babykin, daddy, honey, etc. I guess i'm the same dude, except when i'm not. HEE!HEE! how funny. Please explain yourself, because you don't make any sense, if you use common sense.

  6. @Skepticali,

    That - or there never was such a thing!

    Your in luck, there are only two things that i know would answer that statement empirically. The first is death, you will either know (with or without Jesus Christ, you will be going to your promised land), or not know, because you won't have a conscious to know, your soulless carcass is now just bug food, the chemical reaction is now taking on a new form. I guess you would still exist as worm poop. HEE!HEE! :-D The second is His return. I would really enjoy seeing your face, if we are around, when He splits the sky like an egg shell. :-D And for the record, IT WON'T BE Oct. 21 2011. For those of you who follow Harold Camping and can't read the Bible that clearly says no one knows the hour or the day. So you 2012 believers should just relax. :-D

  7. Although it's fun to debate Edward, this is a great example of why I am probably done doing it.

    He is positive it won't be on a certain day and his proof is that no one knows what day it will be.

  8. @Vt Teacher,

    Your funny, it's a joke. Harold Camping changed his date to Oct 21 2011. Because he got it wrong the first 2 times is it? And yes if someone predicts the time saying they know when it will happen, well they are either right and Jesus Christ is a liar, or they are wrong. Jesus has a better track record, i'm going with Him. :-)

  9. @Edward,
    What track record does Jesus have? I can't think of any predictions or claims that Jesus has made that have come true. Please clarify.

  10. Except for the 100 meter hurdles. I believe he does hold that record at Israel University. ;-)

  11. ...answer that statement empirically

    Kudos to @Edward for using "empirically" in a sentence!

    Next assignment: use the terms "rational" or "reason" in a comment.

    You're making great progress - you get a smiley face from the teacher for that!

  12. Now, Now kids (myself included), let's try and ease up on the snark.

  13. @Bruce,

    It's cool. :-D I think this is one of those challenging media's to convey a message. We don't get the luxury of inflection, or expression of face when we read things. We just take it in the tone we believe the person is in, not what he or she is really in. Sometimes it's hard for us to be rational about a persons comment, and to have a good reason to not post a reply. :-D


    Job done. ;-)

  14. @Bruce,

    To clear things up.

    Jesus tells a centurion to go his way his servant is healed (Matthew 8:13) Jesus claimed that He would heal him. The centurion found out it was so.

    John 9:1-7 Jesus makes a little clay from spittle puts it on a guys eyes and tells the man to go wash, leading him to believe that he would gain his sight. Then man went and washed and it was so.

    Mark 11:1-6. Jesus tells two disciples to go find a colt tied in the village, that whereon never man sat. Guess what they found?

    John 16:16-22 Jesus tells his disciples He will be back. And yup it happened.

    John 21:18-19 Jesus tells Peter of his youth and then tells him how he's going to die. This happened as well. Some say Peter was crucified upside down. Not found in scripture tho.

    Acts 9:6 Jesus tells Saul to go into the city "and it shall be told thee what thou must do. Jesus tells Ananias to go look for Saul on a street in the house of Judas. Ananias found Saul just as Jesus had said. And Ananias tells Saul what to do, Saul got instructions just like Jesus said.

    Acts 23:11 Jesus cheers up Paul telling him he would not die in Jerusalem, but take the message to Rome. Paul was about to be killed earlier. They were even planning on killing him the next day. Paul lived to go on into Rome. Jesus was right again.

    Just a few. :-D

  15. @Edward,
    Thanks but these are just stories in the Bible. I meant to ask if Jesus made a prophecy in the bible that came true in the real world, that is, is there some actual event that we can point to and say "Jesus predicted this".
    There are tons of stories in the Bible of people doing great things but as far as I can tell, none of them are verifiable OUTSIDE the Bible. Therefore faith is needed.

  16. @Bruce,

    Jesus Death and resurection is mentioned by Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. That's outside of the Bible.

    Paul's death is recorded outside of the Bible. Clement of Alexandria talks about Paul.

    How many people do you really think are going to record about a Jewish carpenter from a small town? I think people believe that Jesus was a world-wide name back in His day. That's just not the case. If it was so why would He need to send out His disciples?

    And see that was some 2K+ years ago, how much do you think is going to survive over time. Only the records people care about survive, or that are sealed good and hidden away.

  17. @Edward, the Josephus passage is almost certainly been modified or a complete interpolation since given what is stated why wasn't Josephus a Christian? And why didn't Origen mention it when he mentioned the passages about James brother of Jesus and John the Baptist?

    BTW aren't we getting ahead of ourselves?

    I'll mention that in the Tanakh Chronicles are the last books and not straight after Kings.
    For this particular reading, 16:8-16:22 are from Psalm 105, 16:23-34 from Psalm 98 and 16:35-36 from Psalm 106.

    BTW a recent popular article on Bible minimalists (tend to be less trusting of the Bible as history) and maximalists (tend to be more trusting though still consider large parts to be myth or mythicized [e.g., the Exodus happened but nowhere near the scale the Bible depicts, the united monarchy of David and Solomon existed though maybe not all the way to the Euphrates]) can be found in Haaretz. It gives more on the politics than the actual evidence but should give an overview. Note that both positions are a range. Not all maximalists think the Exodus happened (though I attended a talk by one last week, I was not persuaded). The dividing point between the two groups seems to be whether they think the evidence supports a unified monarchy under David and Solomon which ruled a large expanse (i.e., later Judah and Israel) or not.

  18. @Edward,
    Again, let me clarify. Is there any prophesy from Jesus that came to pass? I have to assume that no is the answer since you changed the subject.
    I didn't ask if someone mentioned Jesus outside the Bible.
    And Flavius Josephus mentioning Jesus as an aside many years after the fact doesn't help the case. Also, is James the Just in the Bible? It would be odd if he wasn't.

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We'll have plenty of time to debate the NT in a few months.

  19. @Bruce,

    What are you talking about? Jesus told of His death and resurrection. You did not like the Bible as the source of it being recorded that it happened, so i commented on outside sources.

    Jesus told Paul he should not worry and he would make it to Rome, with that i also gave sources outside of the Bible.

    And to help me catch up, what subject did i change to?

  20. Thanks for the clarification Edward. You should have included the above explanations in your previous post!

    But, Flavius didn't mention the death and resurrection of Jesus, only that he was called christ (anointed one). Again no more then a mention.

  21. @VT Teacher: He's about as much fun to debate as my children are at bedtime...

  22. @Bruce - Among other things, Jesus also predicted the total destruction of Herod's amazing temple in Jerusalem (Matthew 24:1-2; Mark 13:1-2; Luke 24:5-6), which occurred in A.D. 70.